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Prep Your iPad for College: Best Apps for College Students

I have a sad story to tell you. Last year I was awarded an iPad for my good grades but I’ve been so busy (and somewhat technologically challenged) that I still haven’t explored the wonders of the iPad beyond Safari, Mail, and iBooks. Oh yeah and I still haven’t invested in a case for it. I hope you aren’t too appalled to read on further because I do have some useful information coming your way. Today I decided it’s time to crack down. This iPad is awesome and it’s time the iPad and I got to know each other. How can the iPad be useful for me for college this year? What are the best apps for productivity? This morning I sought out answers to these questions; here is a list I compiled of the best apps for college students:

  1. Graphing calculator HD: You backpack just got lighter. You can even graph up to four functions at a time! Stunning, colorful graphs all for cheaper, beats the TI-83 any day.
  2. Noteability: Has a lot of features packed into one app. While in class you can take handwritten notes or type, record the lecture, and annotate PDF documents. It even has common word-processing tools like spell checker, textbox, and styling features.
  3. iAnnotate: In college PDF files from your professors are constantly thrown at you. This app lets you highlight, underline, take notes, and organize your documents. You can open up several documents at once on different tabs, making it easy to jump back and forth between documents.
  4. iThoughts: For the web-making prone students. If you make concept maps while you study, this is the app for you. Looks pretty too.
  5. Amazon Student: An easy way to browse, purchase, and trade textbooks.
  6. Instapaper Pro: Save articles to your iPad as you surf the web. If you leave Internet connection those articles will still be there for you to read. This is a great app because even if you are on campus with Wi-Fi, it isn’t always reliable or it can be slow.
  7. Evernote: You can take quick notes, save sites from the Internet, make to-do lists, record lectures for review later, and copy and paste information from sites.
  8. Flash my Brain: Turns your notes into flash cards for studying.
  9. Dropbox: Drop your files into the box and you can access them from any of your devices. Thank goodness for this, it’s not practical or particularly smart to carry all your devices on you at once.
  10. Print n Share Pro: Lets you view PDF and Microsoft office documents and print them to all kinds of printers. Great for those days when you have a mini heart attack because you forgot to bring your assignment from home.
  11. Pages for iPad:  A word processor.  Allows you to take lecture notes and save them as a Word document or PDF.
  12. Mathematical formulas: Stuck on a math homework problem? The right formula to help solve it might be in here; gives examples too.
  13. Textbooks: Download a textbook onto your iPad. Don’t lug that thing around like a caveman!
  14. iStudiez Pro: An organizer/task manager geared for college students. Lets you keep track of your assignments, projects, due dates.

Any other useful apps for college students out there that you’d like to share?


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