"I believe that education is the civil rights issue of our generation." – U.S. Secretary Arne Duncan, October 9, 2009

No Brains, No Game

When I consider the current state of education in America, I feel far from satisfied; in fact, a little ashamed. It is astonishing to hear that a student drops out of high school every 26 seconds and that approximately half our teachers are drawn from the lowest third of their college courses. It is depressing to hear that in order to hire our teachers from the top third of college courses, teachers would have to be paid at least a $104,000 salary. America has hopes, America has dreams, but none of its goals will be met without a solid education under its feet. It’s similar to building a house. If one builds a home on top of a swamp, it will tumble down before a frame can stand. However, if one builds on solid land and lays down concrete, who knows how many stories that home could be.

But a bright future will not simply fall into our laps; we as a nation need to make our own luck. The current value we place on education today is a reflection of the value we place on our future as a nation. Without an education, we would be unable to adapt to our ever-changing world, unable to grow, and unable to battle current issues today such as global warming, poverty, and resource exhaustion. Since teachers help shape our education from such a young age, perhaps we should place a greater emphasis on the cultivation of teaching careers, and arm teachers with the best resources to perform their jobs. This article has resurfaced a social problem that is sometimes underestimated as an impact on the nation’s future. It is my hope that we can find other influential areas to focus on and improve them to drive change for a brighter future in America.


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